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Intuitive Readings

Would you like some guidance? A new fresh look at your life? Right now, your guides are eagerly trying to assist you in every aspect of your life. Allow me to combine my Intuitive messages, Intuitive “hits”, Angel Cards and real practical guidance to help you achieve your bliss.

By connecting with the essence of who you are, where your energy is and what direction it is going, an Intuitive reading inspires you to self-motivate and take action. In your reading you can either have a specific question or issue in mind that you would like to explore or you can have a reading that gives you an idea of what is most important for you to look at in the present and what Spirit is guiding you towards. You can choose either type of reading.

  •  Receive a kind, compassionate, and considerate delivery of information
  • Gain insight into areas of your life such as finances, health, and romance
  • Connect with your higher self and gain insight into your life purpose
  • Connect with your spirit guides and learn how to communicate with them
  • Ask questions on anything you are curious about
  • Find clarity and gain confidence

Benefits of a Phone Reading

Why are phone readings more accurate and detailed than in-person readings?

When I first started giving readings I was skeptical of phone readings for many of the same reasons you might be.  More and more people wanted them and  I found them to be more accurate and detailed then in-person readings!  This puzzled me and so I turned to Spirit for answers.

So I asked the question: Why are phone readings more accurate and detailed?

Relaxation has a great deal to do with how much information may be relayed in a reading. When both parties are relaxed, Spirit can convey information much easier, faster and with more clarity.

I am not reading body language or guessing information based on the client’s response. I am getting information directly from Source Energy. When I am sitting face to face with someone, my brain is working with the channeled information and integrating all the environmental information. Our brains are wired to categorize people, places, and things, based on experiences. When I am face to face with a person, my brain is naturally registering the person’s body language (especially their facial expression) and it can actually interfere somewhat with the information I am receiving. Some people still prefer in-person readings. They like to see the person that is reading for them because it can bring them comfort. So I’m happy to serve you either way!

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