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Step into the spotlight with Angel Marie, a high energy speaker and educator who has graced countless podcasts, radio shows, summits, conferences, and retreats. Angel Marie’s dynamic presence on numerous diverse stages along with her successful TV show, EnergizeUtv, now in its impressive 5th season on e360tv with over 20 million minutes viewed. She is a captivating force ready to ignite your brand to new heights.

EnergizeUtv Show

Every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. PST

EnergizeUtv, currently in its 5th season and proudly sponsored by Angel Marie Inc., invites you to join us for enlightening conversations with guests from across the globe. Uncover their purpose, expertise, stories, and golden nuggets that inspire and nurture your soul.

Each episode concludes with a divine activation and visualization meditation, providing a unique way to awaken your spiritual energy, ignite your unique gifts, experience limitless joy, and embrace the abundance that awaits you!

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Have You Heard the Catchy Shine On Song Yet?

The Birth of the Shine On Song

Fate played a role, aligning stars and introducing me to the talented Fiz, a songwriter and musician. Our meeting felt serendipitous, positive energies bringing us together naturally. In the quiet corners of my dreams, the desire for a signature song lingered. The path to its creation became clear when Fiz and I crossed paths.

Together, we immersed ourselves in the essence of Shine On Energy, giving birth to a song that formed a soulful connection. What makes this story special is that Fiz guided me in crafting a signature song and also helped me embrace my natural singing voice. It was a moment of self-discovery.

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Angel Marie is a multi-talented force of inspiration and transformation.
As a TV Producer & Host, she breathes positive Energy into stories and empowers others through the incredible realms of Energy and Healing. She’s not just an author; she’s an 8-time International Best Selling Author, sharing her wisdom and insights with readers worldwide.

As a Certified Spiritual Counselor, she’s been a guiding light for countless souls on their journey to self-discovery, helping them to experience their energy, ignite their true gifts and create inner peace.

With over 25 years of Reiki Mastery, she Shines as a beacon of love and healing. Guiding the gentle currents of Healing Energy, she showers those with emotional and chronic pain in the radiant embrace of balance, harmony, and a joyful sanctuary of tranquility and rejuvenation.

Angel Marie is a Master Speaker, captivating audiences with her words of wisdom and her ability to ignite the spark of positive change within each listener.

Certified as a Tai Chi Instructor, Angel Marie teaches the art of balance, both in body and mind, nurturing the well-being of her students.

Throughout her journey, Angel Marie has touched the lives of thousands, bringing confidence, energy, abundance, success, and boundless joy to those fortunate enough to cross her path.