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Psychic Reading, Coaching Sessions

Over the years I have had many psychic readings and, coming from a Catholic background, I questioned and analyzed everything to prove to myself the credibility of what I was experiencing. Understanding we are energy beings and our past, present and future is contained in the energy all around us, I use a psychic reading as a confirmation. For over 20 years I worked with many Readers at my Wellness Center. One of the first Mediums offered to do a reading with me. I was fascinated at the accuracy of her information and how it impacted my life. For example, she told me about a piece of jewellery and described it in detail. My Grandma had given me a piece of jewellery that was exactly like that. It confirmed for me that she was really talking to my Grandma. It comforted me and helped me to heal from the grief I was feeling.

Psychic Reading

I have talked to several people who have received readings and their experiences often catch them off guard. Several people experiencing grief for a loved one than to get comforted after the reading. I began to realize there were benefits for everyone who set aside time for a session with a Reader. Many spoke of feeling a confirmation that life continues after we leave our human form. Others talked about being okay with feelings of sadness and grief. The biggest benefit seemed to be a new desire – to heal from the pain of loss.

So, if you would like to experience an Angel Card Reading, contact me today!

Psychic Reading

If you are one of the millions of people who are struggling to put yourself first, then you’ve come to the right place to discover your true self-worth, get motivated, meet like-minded friends, and radiate light with every beat of your heart.


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