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The Benefits of Tai Chi

Posted 11/25/11 by Angel Marie

Check out the video in this post!

I have taught and practiced Tai Chi for the last few years and have benefitted in many ways:

  • more strength and flexibility,
  • my circulation improved,
  • I have less stress and
  • my immune system is stronger.

One of the biggest benefits I experience is the spiritual connection with my inner peace.

Tai Chi is not complicated to learn. One to two sessions of Tai Chi will give you the basic techniques which include proper breathing and slow, relaxed movement. By practicing Tai Chi 15 minutes every day you will begin to feel relaxed, focused and fit.

You will become more balanced on all levels:

  •  physically,
  • mentally,
  • emotionally and
  • spiritually

Many physicians recommend Tai Chi because of the benefits, such as post surgery recovery, muscle and joint flexibility and enhanced breathing.  Tai Chi is for all ages and you can practice it sitting or standing.

The combination of mental and physical activity works to harmonize the mind, body and spirit and promotes feelings of well-being.

I have several Tai Chi events in the Phoenix metro area every week – be sure to find me on Meetup for updated information on where and when!