“I feel so fortunate to have found a spirit that helped guide me “home” – home to myself and to my own divine spirit. Thank you for coming into my life and touching it with your love.”
“Angel Marie is… well, she’s an angel!”
B. J.
“Angel Marie has inspired me with her love and commitment to honor one’s highest self.”
“Angel, What a powerful class tonight, thank you for your energy and your bright, booming light. I came hoping to jump start deepening my truth that I am ‘magically amazing,’ and left remembering who I really am. Thank you.”
K. A.
“I went to a very eye opening class tonight with Angel Marie and would recommend anyone wanting to jolt their energy and change their lives a class with her.”
K. A.
“I just had the most wonderful reading from Angel ♥ I asked for a general reading cause I was to afraid of the answer of the question I really wanted to ask. And she ended up answering that question anyway! She was a great help! Her energy is so uplifting! I feel like I just took my first step toward really honestly finding and respecting myself and its all because of Angel!! I still have goosebumps!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Angel!”
J. C.
“Reiki Share is one of the highlights of the month for me, along with the weekly highlight of Tai Chi!”
K. A.
“A wealth of information, fun atmosphere, AND opportunities to ask questions, share experiences and learn.”
J. C. S.
“Last night’s Full Moon Meditation was so empowering and calming! I am grateful for the love that was shared!”
“It took me decades to begin setting boundaries. People could just tromp all over me and I’d just take it. It is very empowering to set and stick to boundaries. The first experiences at this gave me heady, powerful feelings which made me laugh! Namaste, Angel – your guiding words, loving heart and support continue to be a positive impact with this topic – and more! "
“I’m a regular at Tai Chi and I now stand straight, breath correctly and experience less pain. Angel Marie is a knowledgeable and patient teacher – a real gem!“
M. O. E.
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