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Shine On Coaching Program

1-On-1 In Person Coaching Program

Are you experiencing transition and change in your life? Would you like assistance and insight into that change? Do you need practical and spiritual guidance, but don’t know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed with energy overload?

If you answered “YES” to just one of the above questions then the SHINE ON! Coaching Package is for you.

Let your brilliant light shine bright

Let your brilliant Light SHINE brighter than ever before!

This is a 4-week package where we meet weekly for 1 1/2 hour. You will have the opportunity to experience several energy modalities including — but not limited — to Reiki, Coaching, Meditation, Wellness, Chakra Balancing, Clearing, Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings and more!

Your personal direction and path session is tailored to include:

  • Tips and techniques to refresh, renew, and clean out old patterns
  • Identifying self-sabotaging action
  • Empowering you to create self esteem
  • Supporting your sense of safety
  • Teaching you how to find your clarity
  • Learning to utilize the power of your creative nature
  • Creating “A-ha!” moments
  • Moving you powerfully forward one step at a time
  • Ways to rejuvenate and tap into your energy

This program is great for you if you:

  • Have experienced a transition in your life, career, or relationships in the past 6-9 months
  • Want to make a move to a new level in life and find yourself feeling nervous, worried, or stuck
  • Find yourself not being able to look in the mirror and recognize the beauty you behold
  • Feel like you know what it is you want, however you’re not able to do the action to get there

This one-on-one, customizable package is designed to help guide you in finding your self-motivation, self-esteem, your purpose, and your joy and happiness in your life! Here are some Testimonials from those whose lives have been positively changed by our programs.

It is truly magical to transform! I am honored to help you and look forward to hearing from you.


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