Sharps Container Disposal

Find out how convenient Sharps Container Disposal can be with mail back service from MP1 Solution. Pick-up services don’t always mesh with your schedule and can be a hassle; however, with mail back Sharps Container Disposal, you have multiple send back options, so it better conforms to your daily routine. At MP1 Solution, we make medical and biohazard waste disposal an easy and affordable process- simply get in touch with us at 888-906-1311 to learn more.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Teaming Up with MP1 Solution

1. Mail Back Sharps Containers is one of our most popular services- and it’s no wonder why. We’ll drop off as many Sharps Containers as your household, doctor’s office or facility needs; drop sharp medical implements into the box after use, then mail the whole box back to us.

No other Sharps service is more convenient than our mail back disposal service. Get a fast & free quote on the MP1 Solution website or when you reach out to us by phone.

2. Our clients save an average of 30% on medical waste disposal services, so it makes sense to check with us if you’re already doing business with another service provider. Compare the costs of switching to MP1 Solution and start saving immediately. Our disposal service is compliant with all federal, state, and local regulations.

3. You’ll save on pharmaceutical waste disposal, as well, when you turn to MP1 Solution. Choose between mail back service or pick-up, whichever meets your needs. Either way, you’ll receive a Certificate of Disposal for your records per each disposal.

4. Along with Sharps Container Disposal and biomedical waste disposal, we also offer our clients peace of mind when they need data and document destruction services to destroy patient records and private information. Count on us for single-visit purge shredding services and recurring shredding, depending on your situation. For end-of-life-cycle computers, ask about our hard drive destruction services, as well.

5. MP1 Solution is a proud provider of OSHA Employee Training; it’s easy and cost-effective to register for one of the following upcoming courses:

  • OSHA Lite Compliance Program
  • OSHA Core Compliance Program
  • OSHA Plus Compliance Program

You’ll find details about each of our training programs on our website, along with instructions on how to access the online training portal and get the most out of your OSHA training. There are multiple advantages and benefits associated with taking our courses:

  • Group training
  • Online convenience
  • Online progress tracking
  • Training for any or all employees
  • Flexible program

You’ll find a complete list of services offered by MP1 Solution as you review the information provided on our website- including cost-effective Sharps Container Disposal. Click the ‘Solutions’ link for details about each service offered, or make a quick & easy phone call to our team at 888-906-1311. Find out why more than 30,000 health care providers have already switched to MP1 Solution, and why more are discovering the benefits of working with us each and every day. Request a free customized proposal today to get started.