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Distance Reiki Session

Did you know that Reiki can be just as effective from a distance as it is in person? Distant Reiki Healing is for those who wish to receive the full benefits of treatment, but cannot do so in person. Whether you are at the office, in your home or traveling far distances, you can receive an offering of healing energy.

Distant Reiki Healing is also available to those who wish to send healing energy to others and is offered with permission from the person receiving the energy.

How is an session helpful? Here are some of the main benefits.

  • Balance the chakras and renew the body’s energetic field.
  • Ground the body and the energetic field.
  • Remove negative energy.
  • Strengthen aura and boundaries.
  • Find clarity and Balance
  • Help relieve yourself of addictions
  • Gather the strength to deal with physical and emotional pain on all levels
  • Increase the capacity of your body to hold more light and love energy.

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