Chakra Balancing Session

What can Chakra Balancing do for me?

When life energy is blocked, it can affect all aspects of your life.  Unbalanced Chakras make decisions more difficult, burden your relationships and can even bring about financial chaos.  Chakra Balancing heals you from the inside out, bringing stability and clarity into your life.  Guided visualization will cleanse and realign your Chakra centers. I will also give attention to two areas often overlooked by healers – the hands and feet.  You will receive techniques and tools to shield and rebalance your Chakra energy on your own.

  • Discover a deeper sense of inner peace and enlightenment
  • Remove inner chaos and confusion
  • Regain stability and strength
  • Motivate healthier choices and a better lifestyle


It’s time for a change, and you have the power within you to tap into your inner passion, step into your power, and heal yourself so that you can Shine your light, have more energy, and be the person you were designed to be. Some of our notable classes include Crystal class, Meditation techniques,  Energy Booster and Clearings, and Intuitive readings.

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