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Retrain Your Inner Voice & Bonus Video

Posted 02/15/12 by Angel Marie

Shine On!

Macmillan Dictionary defines “retrain” as “to learn, or to teach someone, new skills that are needed for a job”.  Well, throughout your waking hours you have an inner voice chattering nonstop even though you are not aware of it. This constant stream of conversation may create challenges by distracting and diminishing your ability to be truly “in the present”. Your inner voice may be communicating negative thoughts, preventing you from moving forward and achieving your potential.

Does your inner-voice chatter about how unworthy you are, how difficult a task or goal will be and even saying you will not succeed! The good news is that we all have the ability to train this chatter in a positive way which may elevate, encourage and uplift us.

Here are some suggestions you may want to try separately or in combinations:

  • Take a walk – “Earth-walking” is a type of focus that involves tracing your steps in a pattern that repeats until you have come to a state of inner peace. The figure eight, the Infinity symbol, is a soothing yet powerful first pattern to try. You may notice your inner voice is unable to keep your interest for long when focusing on walking a pattern.
  • Chanting – Mantras or just singing the song of your soul may give you the power to reach your goals and lift you from the ordinary to a higher level of consciousness.
  • Place your hand or a finger on your forehead and say: “Okay, I hear you. Be quiet!” Then put your hand or finger on your heart and say: “I am listening with my heart right now!” This one is great for those times when you are on the run and want to shift your focus quickly – and it is FUN!

Daily affirmations, aromatherapy, meditation or Tai Chi may also work well. By using any of these methods you are training your subconscious mind to focus on the present and be positive.

Your inner voice is a wondrous part of who you are. By replacing self-defeating chatter with positive reinforcement the chatter may become supporting self-talk. It may boost your confidence. The more you practice turning your subconscious into your advocate, the greater success you may experience with your goals, manifestations and desires.

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