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Religion Based Sex Addiction

At Boulder Recovery, we focus on offering -among other services- help for porn-addicted christians. By saying this, we mean that although we approach it from a scientific point of view, we also target that religious dimension of yours that has truly been negatively affected by this bad habit or, shall we say, sin.

What if I am not catholic?

You need to be part of the Catholic Church in order to comply with the treatment effectively. We offer a Christ-centered, clinical treatment. This is, it does not really matter whether you are catholic, evangelical or any church as long as you truly understand that Jesus is the only one who can save our hearts from its deepest wounds caused by the devil’s action.

Pornography and christians is a problem that must be talked about in any branches of christianity. We have to leave behind all kinds of shame and start working on ourselves to fight against temptation, to fight against this new drug. From the love and humility, we will be able to reach for help or to give a hand to those who need it the most, if that is the case.

What are the consequences of the addiction to pornography?

It not only causes a real addiction, just like the one you could get from actual drugs or alcohol. Your brain will be dependent on this unnatural and dehumanizing stimulus, at the point that it will no longer satisfy and you will have to reach out for some more aggressive content that gives you a dose of adrenaline. But just like it is harmful in a neurological way, we must also mention that it is intrinsically opposed to the reason why we were created for and to our dignity.

If you are wondering where to find the ideal porn addiction treatment in Boulder, for christians like you and me… Look no further! At Boulder Recovery we are willing to help in the best possible way. Our happiness is that you could find face-to-face with the actual Love itself, and can obey His will by loving all of your sisters and brothers in Christ just like how he loved you before.

What we offer

But wait, we not only focus on porn addiction, we also can lend you a hand if you are struggling with sex addiction, intimacy disorders or any other affective problems. We has an incredible staff, including the best sex addiction therapist for men in Boulder, Colorado. You should seriously consider starting your healing process as soon as possible. What are you waiting to be freed of the chains of sins and being a brand new man for your wife, family, friends… 

By the way, did you know we include a support program for your partner when you enter our 14-days intensive treatment? We are the only ones in North America with that focus! Anything that damages a relationship must be renewed, we accompany your wife in her forgiveness process.

Let us pray for you. If you feel ashamed about your problem, don’t! We’ve been there ourselves, and we want to share with you how Christ – and Christ alone – can change your life. Link(s): 

Religion Based Sex Addiction

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Religion Based Sex Addiction

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