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Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation.

Reiki heals by positively charging the body’s energy and raising the vibration.

A Reiki session will help de-stress the body, help with relaxation and sleep and bring peace and joy to your life!  Why Reiki? 

Reiki Benefits

Reiki balances your energies on all levels: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It benefits people of all ages. Reiki has nothing to do with religion or spiritual beliefs. It is simply working with the energy that makes up who we are. Reiki helps us feel happier, healthier and less stressed.

Reiki Sessions

Experience the healing power of Reiki Sessions – center your energy and experience peace of mind.

Reiki Certification

For those who wish to connect to Reiki as a practitioner, Reiki Certification is designed to guide you to the Master Level. The Reiki Packages are tailed just for you!

Reiki Levels

The journey to Reiki Master Level involves a series of three classes:

Reiki Level I

Reiki Level II

Reiki Master

What Makes Reiki Unique?

  • Reiki is a complete system of self-healing.
  • Reiki blends easily with and enhances all healing methods.
  • Reiki is very simple and can be immediately implemented on yourself and others.
  • Reiki gently releases old emotional patterns.
  • Reiki is an effective tool to overcome the pressures of career, relationships, parenting, and finances.
  • Reiki enables you to access your own inner wisdom and creativity, as well as expand your consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Angel Marie’s Personal Reiki Story

Read the story of how Reiki transformed Angel Marie’s life forever.