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Reiki Two Package

Have you experienced the incredible benefits of Reiki? Are you ready to rise to a new level of understanding and positive experience? Do you want to tap into your truest source of life energy?

Now is your chance to say “YES” to a new world of experience and practice with the REIKI TWO PACKAGE.

You will connect to a higher sense of self as you reestablish spiritual balance!

Your program gives you the opportunity to manifest an even deeper practice of energy transformation and personal healing. This customizable program offers you all the benefits of the REIKI ONE PROGRAM and so much more!

Your special one-on-one program is designed just for you to include the program of REIKI ONE and TWO:

  • Introduction to Reiki Class 
  • Initial 1 ½ hour Reiki session 
  • An introduction to the Shining Wheel
  • 3-4 hour tailored Reiki class with you and Angel Marie
  • Practices on how to use the Shining Wheel with Reiki healing
  • Personal manual describing the art of Reiki
  • Techniques for protection, clearing, shielding, and grounding
  • Understand Reiki symbols and how to draw them
  • Learn how to send Distant Reiki Healing
  • Certificate of REIKI ONE and REIKI TWO completion

PLUS these valuable extras:

  • Exclusive coaching on how to start a Reiki practice business
  • Social media training for your Reiki business

You’ll also receive all of these amazing BONUS GIFTS:

  • Coaching/Reiki Sessions for energy exchange
  • Class discounts
  • 24/7 phone, texting, and email contact
  • Monthly Reiki Share Gathering

Now is the time to start transforming your energy and find true peace and healing! I am honored to help you and look forward to hearing from you. Call 623-334-3393. Book your program today!

Get the Reiki Two Program.