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Reiki One Package

Are you looking for peace of mind? Do you want release some of your challenges? Are you looking to connect to your healing energy?

Now is the time to say “YES” to positive energy.

Become more focused on your truest thoughts, energy and feelings!

In this program, you have the opportunity to learn how to manifest positive experiences on numerous levels as you transform energy to flow more freely. Never before have so many people benefitted from learning this ancient healing technique!

Your personal program to energy healing is customized to include:

  • Introduction to Reiki Class 
  • Initial 1 ½ hour Reiki session 
  • An introduction to the Shining Wheel
  • 4-5 hour one-on-one Reiki level one class
  • Practices on how to use the Shining Wheel with Reiki healing

This program is right for you if you’re looking to:

  • Release tension and stress to vitalize your body
  • Balance your immune system
  • Support your body’s natural ability to self-heal

This one-on-one program includes your personal manual describing the art of Reiki, a certificate of completion, and all the techniques for protection, clearing, shielding, grounding, and more!

PLUS you’ll receive these BONUS GIFTS:

  • Coaching/Reiki Sessions for energy exchange
  • Class discounts
  • 24/7 phone, texting, and email contact
  • Monthly Reiki Share Gathering

You deserve the positive effect of energy transformation! I am honored to help you and look forward to hearing from you. Call now 623-334-3393 to book your program!

Get the Reiki One Program.