Oral Appliances for TMJ Calabasas

Dr. David Shirazi is a leading sleep medicine specialist with several years of experience and hundreds of positive reviews. TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre sells superior quality oral appliances for TMJ in Calabasas at economical prices.

Can a splint make TMJ worse?

An oral splint is one of the most common and effective TMJ treatments available today. Also known as a bite splint, this device helps put the jaw in a better position and reduces bruxism. Your doctor may recommend wearing the oral appliance for a few hours a day for a couple of weeks. It is pivotal that you get a custom-fitting oral appliance from an experienced TMJ specialist to prevent complications and side effects.

Using an occlusal splint in the long term or wearing poorly fitting splints can lead to jaw displacement and increase your risk for mandibular condyle damages. Dr. Shirazi prescribes oral splint for temporomandibular joint disorders alongside physical therapy and laser snoring treatment for the best outcomes in recovery.

What is a TMJ appliance?

A TMJ appliance reduces the symptoms of temporomandibular disorders. It also reduces the pressure on the jaw joints and realigns the bite, thereby alleviating the pain and discomfort experienced by patients with a TMJ diagnosis. The TMJ appliance is an oral splint that fits over the upper or lower teeth and prevents the contact between the teeth. Your doctor may prescribe a TMJ appliance to correct the misalignment between the upper and lower teeth.

A TMJ splint reduces bruxism or teeth grinding, snoring, sleep apnea and improves breathing. You must get your TMJ device from an experienced and licensed sleep doctor and wear it only for a short period to prevent complications and unwanted side effects in the long run.

Are TMJ appliances necessary?

Your doctor may recommend oral appliances for temporomandibular disorders as a part of a larger treatment plan. Using an oral appliance marks the initial stage of TMJ treatment. The splint goes over the lower teeth and realigns the jaw, reducing your TMD symptoms. The expert may recommend using an oral splint before exploring other invasive treatment options.

While they are an effective and non-invasive treatment option, if you experience facial pain or severe discomfort using an occlusal appliance, you may speak to your doctor about it and explore other recovery options. Our clinic for TMJ disorders sells several types of TMJ appliances in customized fits and at affordable prices.

Side effects of oral splints for TMJ disorders

TMJ splints can cause slight changes in your craniofacial morphology when used in the long term. Besides, using a poorly fitting oral splint or a TMJ appliance for a long time can lead to pain, discomfort, and dental problems. Getting your TMJ appliance from a reputed and highly trained OSA doctor can help you use an oral splint safely and garner the best outcome in recovery.

Dr. Shirazi at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre helps his patients enjoy better quality sleep and more energy levels by fixing them up with the best quality oral appliances for TMJ in Calabasas. You can book an appointment with Dr. Shirazi now to discuss your TMJ disorders. Call our Brentwood office at 310-401-0813 or Thousand Oaks office at 805-496-5700. For more information about our oral splints, get in touch with us today.

Oral Appliances for TMJ Calabasas