Empowerment Coaching

What can Coaching do for me?

Set yourself free from everyday stress, overwhelm and self-made blocks!  If you’re on a path of self-discovery, coaching sessions with a Reiki Master, would be like having a Sherpa guiding you to the mountaintop.  Gain valuable key points that can help you create self-esteem, self-motivation and feel reconnected to true happiness!  Coaching brings back joy and laughter into your life.

Rediscover your true light and stop the harmful cycle of self-sabotage with simple proven tips and techniques for more balance, mindfulness, and peace.

Nourish your soul and Rise and LIVE above worry, doubt, and fear!

  • Create healthy boundaries and connect to joy
  • Discover your purpose and passion
  • Reduce stress and increase harmony
  • Bring true balance into your life
  • Realize your worth and shift mindset
  • Let go of the past, old beliefs, old stories

Available Online, In Person and By Phone!


If you’re ready to make the change, Right here, right now, click here and schedule your 15-minute chat with Angel Marie, and together we’ll explore EXACTLY what your next step is.