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Motivational Speaking

Kick off your big event with a special appearance from Angel Marie! With honor and delight, she will personally lead your guests through a personalized session or discussion about  harmony, self-motivation, confidence, and stress to bring peace, unity, and success to your day.

Angel Marie has the amazing ability to create excitement and high energy in her listeners and then guide their minds into a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. Her keynotes and workshops are described as being both motivational and informative. Angel Marie audiences leave smiling, feeling renewed and refreshed.

We all have incredible power to achieve happiness in all areas of our life from business to relationships and health. Angel Marie’s trained in relaxation, meditation, health, and stress management, Angel Marie will give you the tools to achieve that happiness.

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to invite Angel Marie to bring positively and light to your event!

  • When you book Angel Marie you will receive…Motivation: address the most important components of your life.
  • Solutions: for successful balance in your life.Knowledge: to bring more joy and peace in your life.