Manifest Your Dream Life In This 5 Step Process

Do you know how to tap into manifesting your dream life? Would you like to activate your heart’s desires? Practicing how to manifest is a powerful skill! Would you like to be a super powerful manifester? I know you do which is why I am sharing with you my five step process for manifesting your dream life!!  

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is the conscious act of creating your dream life and then seeing it actually come true. It’s the art of using thoughts, imagination, and words to manifest your wants, needs and desires. Tapping into this skill is like having a giant magnet that draws people and situations with your best interests in mind toward you. When you use manifestation practices you are able to bring your visions into reality. Manifesting your heart’s desire is a practice that I have been Coaching others for over 20 years. 

I personally excel at Manifesting because I take the time every day to do this practice. I will sit down and write out what my heart’s desires are each and every day. When I’m writing about my dream life I have realized it’s not just a want, or a need or a desire. It’s actually what’s in my heart and my soul. It’s what I truly believe. 

In my book SHINE ON!, I compare manifesting to placing an online order. When you order from a website you state your desires with keystrokes. You put in your address and pay for the order and you are secure that the item will come to you, as requested, in a reasonable span of time.

Manifesting from the Universe/God works the same way. Activating a thought and the actions to support it, creates positive results. Visualizations, affirmations, and imagination open the way for you to have the car, home, partner, and life of our dreams. Using manifestation tools you can create a life that seems to some, magical. 

Getting Clear on What to Manifest

The first step is getting clear on what you want and visualizing it. The more clear you can get about your heart’s desires the better. Picture for a moment the partner of your dreams, or the perfect neighborhood. Step into action by visiting the areas that appeal to you. Eat at local restaurants, even shop at the local grocery shop there. I have a young friend who did these things and a few months later, met a wonderful man who lived in her perfect neighborhood. When she visited his home she was astounded to discover it looked exactly like one she envisioned. Manifesting works and it can work for you too.

I put manifestation to work for me all the time. After an accident totaled my car I took a moment to visualize what I wanted for my new car. I stood in the empty parking space behind my home and thought about the color, make, and model of my perfect car. Before heading out to seek this new vehicle I said to myself that “this will be easy.” For me manifestation can work fast! I had the perfect new car that same day, and within my price range!

To Manifest You Need to Ask For It!

Once you are clear on what your heart desires you get to ask for what you want from the Universe. You can activate your dream life through manifestation. There are many ways to activate manifestation in your life. You can use prayer, Tai Chi, meditation, speaking your intentions out loud, writing your heart’s desires down or designing a manifestation poster. On a large board or piece of paper, attach pictures or words of your desires. Use this to kickstart your visualizations of the life of your dreams. 

Take Action in Order to Manifest!


Once you are clear on what your heart’s desires are and you have asked the Universe/God for these desires what’s next? You get to take action. Manifesting works hand in hand with action. You can work out the steps to help you reach your heart’s desire and work on those action steps. One of my coaching clients wanted to make a career change. I coached her through the process of getting clear on her new career and how to ask the Universe/God for it. She then took action. She started networking with people in the career field she wanted to change to. She took classes to hone her skills. She even practiced her interviewing skills with others. When it was time for that interview she was confident and energized. When she called me, she was so inspired about how easy the process was to manifest her dream job. Also, said that she loved the process and will definitely use it in the future. Action is powerful when it is combined with positive manifesting.  

Be Mindful and Thankful About What You Manifest

When you are manifesting your heart’s desires these manifestations may not come in the time frame that you desire. Yet, when your heart’s desires do come to you, being able to receive and acknowledge that you have manifested them, whether they are big or small is important.  Being grateful for your manifestations is key. You can do this by using a gratitude journal. A gratitude journal will help remind you of what you are currently manifesting and help you see the process of how the energy is moving in your favor. If you want to manifest enough money for retirement and you receive a call from your cell phone provider with a way to lower your bill, this is something to be grateful for. You are manifesting! It doesn’t always come the way we think it will come. Be open to the experience. 

Manifesting Positive and Negative

This past week has been challenging for me because I am in grief energy right now. I have not been practicing manifesting on a day to day basis. Grief is real and it is a feeling and your feelings are valid. Sometimes without realizing it, you can manifest positive or negative energy. I feel I have created some negative energy around me because of the grief that I am experiencing. 

I realize that this is common when you experience grief and I am ok with it. I have embraced the feelings of my stepfather passing yet I manifested an eye infection. My eye infection was manifested to help me “see” that I needed to stop and let myself be in grief, anger, frustration and in my emotions. If you are in grief yourself, I encourage you to sit with your emotions. No matter what they are; accept them, embrace them, love them. Remember there is no time limit for grief.

Trust the Process and MANIFEST!

When you are working through the manifestation steps remember this process is fluid. The steps themselves do not matter as much as your energy of believing and trusting the process. Everything is energy, be in positive energy and trust!! You deserve your heart’s desires!

I invite you to watch the video below to learn more about manifestation. When you follow these steps and keep the process fluid you too can manifest anything in your life!!

If you want more about exercise, from Angel Marie, contact her today! 


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