Inspired Energy | Three Steps To Inspired Action A Daily Practice

Have you ever felt so inspired that it springboards you out of your bed in the morning? That’s how I feel in the morning because there is a down deep feeling, which is inspired energy, of action to take my walk.

Many of you know that my big toe is crushed. The doctors want to replace the bone joint yet I look forward to my walk even though there is sometimes horrific pain. I know that when I walk I’m working out the rest of all of my arthritic, fibromyalgia, and lupus pain. Many of you can relate to this chronic pain and yet some of you know you should get up and move yet you are not INSPIRED to take the action.

Inspiration is intangible energy! That inner fire, that gets us moving! When you activate that energy and discover the power to produce serious outer change you will see more positive opportunities, and amazing joy in your life! The energy of the Shine On! Message is the power of inspiration. I love to use joy, play, and inspiration to guide others to reach their greatest good and highest potential! In my book, SHINE ON! I offer many great ideas or steps on how to make the energy of inspiration a daily practice. Here are three of these great steps.

Step One: Connect to a Plan

Work on the process of mental stimulation, focus, and practice of inspiration. I invite you as a reader and friend, to take a moment to list what inspires you to do or feel that inspired energy every day. Write it down! Make that note of your brilliant ideas that arouse the deep desire to take action. Then, make a plan. Hold on to that feeling of inspiration, creativity, and enthusiasm. The first step is to put your ideas to paper and choose one action everyday to make your dreams a reality.

Step Two: Connect to Discovery

Inspired energy

Discover inspiration, also known as inspired energy, even in the wake of life lessons. This is often key to activating our life’s mission. When I was diagnosed with unexpected health issues I could have chosen to let it drag me down. Instead, it ignited a desire for me to shift my personal habits. I hired a nutritionist, took walks, and learned Tai Chi. I discovered joy and play in cooking. I met so many new and interesting people. I found joy, and created an amazing life for myself. What have you discovered by taking the lessons in your life and allowing them to inspire you?

Step Three: Connect to Others

Who are your personal cheerleaders and motivators? The Shine On! Message is my way of inspiring you to inspire others! You can be the energy that lights up your community! Find like-minded people and lift one another up to be productive, energized, and inspired!

There are many ways to find connections to others and share your inspired energy with others. I invite you to check out my Youtube channel and discover some inspiration that can be watched every morning. I hope this blog helps you to take some steps to help you ignite your inspired action!


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