How To Make Exercise Playful

Have you ever felt like your workout or exercise is a pain in the ass? My Mama used to say “Every time you have a pain in the ass that means get your butt up and go do your exercises.” And most of the time that was always dancing which is so simple. So for me exercise equated to play. Just like Tai Chi is a form of dance and a form of flow like yoga and any other worker that you feel like you are in the flow. 

Mama used to say “go outside and play baby Get rid of some of that excess energy!” It’s all about perception. Playing is a big part of how we strengthen our physical body and our immune system. So you are not alone!!!

Many people that I Coach have told me that exercise was not an activity they practiced growing up. So I understand that the activity has to be learned and practiced. This is why for me I spring out of bed to go on my walk or Tai Chi because I am full of inspired play. I love inspiring others with simple systems so that you feel that inspired action and you can also spring out of bed and get your play in for the day.

Exercise is personal power

Exercise is personal power and energy in action! Physical activity is important for keeping our bodies functioning properly. It also helps activate and focus the mind. Without movement, our minds become foggy and tired. It is well known that exercise reduces stress, elevates mood, and nurtures self-worth. 

Even a few minutes of movement between long sessions of seated work or study is certain to increase productivity and focus. Exercise is more than going to the gym. It can be social sports, games, play and dance. As well as meditative movement, Tai Chi and pray, which are equally beneficial. 

Sports, dance, and play have always been important in my life. When I was young my mama operated a dance studio. From the age of two, I was dancing with her and her students. In school, I was always happier in a PE class than sitting still for studies. Exercise and play helped me become more relaxed and focused.

Sometimes I miss the days of heavy athletic activity and daily practice workouts. Yet, when I am walking Shine, or practicing Tai Chi, I know I am nurturing my body safely and gently. Even now, with health challenges and sports injuries, I am able to continue to make Exercise and play a primary part of my daily life. 

As a Tai Chi instructor, I enjoy the calm and balance of feeling the muscles working in each pose. The art of Tai Chi called to me because it is meditation in motion and a beautiful dance of play. I use this practice to improve mental focus and feel centered. 

The Shine On! Movement is about physical action as much as positive Energy and Emotion.

In my book SHINE ON! I also share that animals need Exercise, too. When Shine starts to get hyper, I know we have been sitting too long and it is time to play. Shine releases excess Energy, just like my Mama said, by playing and being obsessive about her squeaky ball. 

Exercise action step

One of the many amazing action steps in the SHINE ON! Book is to set a timer if you are seated for more than 30 minutes. When the timer goes off, get up and move for at least five minutes. This is not the time to get on the phone or check social media. It is a time to dance, play with pets, or take a walk outside. Get Outside!

I encourage you to embrace your play and what that looks like for you. Whether your form of exercise is taking a walk, dancing, going to the gym or Tai Chi carving out time for you to move is life-changing.  Studies have shown any movement consistent for more than 20 minutes helps you raise your Energy enough to create a healthy immune system. 

I don’t want you to wake up one day and say I wish I would have taken a walk. That time is now so if you’re wanting to get inspired to take action let’s get together so that I can help you take inspired action and spring out of bed today and play everyday!

If you want more about exercise, from Angel Marie, contact her today! 


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