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The Empowerment Energy System 6 Week Group Coaching

Are you a woman who wants to get unstuck and release energy blockages? This Program is for you if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and lack inspirational energy to take action. I help you ignite your higher energy vibration to have more clarity, focus and confidently set boundaries for yourself and others.  

So, if you have tried to numb your pain with drugs, antidepressants or alcohol and you are still struggling with feeling stuck and overwhelmed…

Or you have read books, watched youtube videos and have taken online courses on meditation yet you are still feeling a lack of inspiration and energy to take action. Here is the solution you have been waiting for. 

Your problem is not that you have no time or lack the foundational skills to create your ultimate wellness… It is that you don’t have a system that helps you to ignite your confidence so that you have more clarity, focus and freedom to be fulfilled in your life.   

What you need is the Empowerment Energy System, a blueprint that helps you to shift your perception of your life, feel worthy to show up authentically while protecting your energy. 

I have created a 6 week Group Coaching Program to support 11 ladies through a high energy-transformative experience. 

  • 6 Weeks Group Coaching Calls (1 hour a week)
  • Confident Productivity Checklist
  • Negative Energy Release Blueprint
  • Water Intake Tracker 
  • Grounding Guided Meditation
  • Protect Your Energy Guided Meditation
  • FB Messenger Group Access?
  • Private Facebook Accountable Group (office hours)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Mastermind?
  • Access to your network? Master class with other experts
  • Bonus 1:  Book Shine On (value $30) 
  • Bonus 2: One on One 30min VIP Empowerment Call (value $100) 
  • Bonus 3: Master Class Communicating with your Angels and Spirit Guides so that you create a team to manifest your dreams. (value $249)

I will hold space for you energetically, which means you have a connection to a higher vibrational field to feel more inspired to take action! 

This is an easy payment offer. 

However, before you ask for more information… This program is for action takers only!
The Empowerment Energy System is for you if you are a woman who is ready to awaken your gifts and intuition to live with true passion, purpose and a sense of meaning in your life.  

For more information feel free to reach out or drop below “I’m Really! I’m IN” 

Limited spots available so give yourself permission to Shine On! 

By the end of this program you will be empowered with the knowledge, understanding and tools to create positive energy, radiate with confidence and Shine with contagious joy. 

What people are saying about Angel Marie’s Coaching:
“Most Amazing Empowerment Coaching Session”

I had the most amazing Empowerment Coaching session with Angel. If you want a no-nonsense way to approach life, to give life meaning and purpose.
I literally went in lost, feeling very disconnected spiritually. She taught me how to ground. She taught me in half an hour 4 steps to ground out my energy and flow my energy through. I’ve been doing this work for four years. I have yet to meet any Master, any Teacher or Mentor like Angel. Her energy is amazing. Golden white, just, um she’s the burst of life! So I recommend you go and she will not let you off the hook. You are going to learn, you’re gonna learn or you’re gonna leave. So, thank you so much Angel.
The Light in me Honors the Light in you.

Starr Kelsea Lightworker

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