Grief Can Bring Relief | 5 Stages of Grief

Change is the Constant. My Dad used to say that. Have you ever heard that before? Our world is changing don’t you agree? Last month I felt grief at the funeral of my stepfather and there are many stages of grief all I welcome and honor. Like I always say… “A breakdown is a breakthrough”. Would you agree? 

How many of you have considered grief to be a positive emotion? In my book, SHINE ON! I share that “Grief is the gift we release to attain greater happiness.” Grief is a process. It is through the process of sharing the gift of grief with others and allowing ourselves to experience the emotion of grief and loss fully that we attain greater personal power. 

Let’s break down the emotion of grief for a moment. It is a combination of sorrow or extreme sadness felt in times of loss or worry. It can also be a feeling of powerlessness. This powerless feeling can be due to another person’s actions or decisions, or experiences which are beyond our control, where we can feel sadness. 

The feelings of loss can manifest in so many different forms of grief. It is an experience in a variety of ways for each of us. There is no guilt in feeling emotional. You can experience grief over the loss of a pet. You can experience grief when we feel relieved when a loved one passes away after a prolonged illness. You can experience grief over the loss of a job or a move. You can experience grief from a shift in a relationship with friends or loved ones. All of these are valid reasons for processing grief. 

It can take time for each of us to fully process and release grief. You get to allow time to process your grief on all levels as well as the emotions that are attached to grief. When you accept all of these emotions that are connected to each experience you are able to process through your grief. This full process will create a space for increased personal power, energy and joy in your life. 

While you are processing your grief, you can go through 5 different stages. 

1st Stage of Grief: 

Denial, numbness, and shock is the first stage of grief. This stage of grief is a protection for you from experiencing the intensity of the loss. During this stage it is a good idea to take action. See what needs to be done around you and take action. Shift your energy to doing! 

2nd Stage of Grief: 

Bargaining is the second stage of grief. During this stage you may have thoughts of what could have gone differently. If emotions are not dealt with during this stage of grief, you may be continuing to live with intense feelings of guilt or anger that can interfere with the healing process. 

3rd Stage of Grief: 

Depression is the third stage of grief. This is when you begin to realize and feel the true extent of the loss. Common signs of depression may include trouble sleeping, poor appetite, fatigue, lack of energy and even crying spells. You may also feel self-pity, loneliness, isolated, empty, lost and anxious. 

4th Stage of Grief: 

Anger is the fourth stage of grief and the most common stage. This stage usually happens when you feel helpless and powerless. The anger can stem from a feeling of abandonment whether it be a loss of a loved one, a pet, a job. There is no one size fits all for grief. I can relate to the anger for sure! I have been in the anger stage of grief for awhile. What has been helping me is energy healing. Tai Chi, Reiki, my breathing techniques, and going within myself to release the source of my anger.

5th Stage of Grief: 

Acceptance is the fifth stage of grief. You will learn, in time, to come to terms with all of your emotions and feelings you have experienced due to your grief. Strength and acceptance are gained by moving through the emotions of grief and loss. 

Give yourself permission to cry. Crying is an energy of release and often the best one to move past grief. So cry and release!! Crying and releasing has helped me as well as calling a friend and being able to be vulnerable and express my feelings. I hope you have someone that you can reach out to and if you do not I’m here for you. 

Also a Reiki Healing Session will benefit and speed up your recovery with these five stages of grief. Get a Reiki Healing Session today to help you release grief. 

Please share in the comments how these five stages of grief have benefited you.


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