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Freedom: Detach from the Past

Posted 05/06/13 by Angel Marie

Are your inner feelings so strong that you feel you must shift?  Who do you truly want to be?  Are all your relationships changing?

Most of our lives we have been told how to live and what to believe.  I feel and see energy shifting and change taking place.  Many people are leaving their old beliefs and habits by the wayside.   Many are letting go of friendships, marriages or materialistic things.  Being the Year of the Snake, I think of this as the snake shedding its skin.

The skin that we shed gives us a feeling of freedom in experiencing life without labels or judgments – the negative energy we put on ourselves.  When the snake sheds its skin it is the same snake underneath.  When we shed old beliefs and other things that no longer serve us we feel a sense of freedom yet we are the same person.

Are you ready to detach from the past?  If you are ready to detach then expand your greater vision of YOU, there are no limits.  See all the possibilities and outcomes and erase all doubts.  YOU are more than you know – you are already everything you desire.

You are worthy.  You are capable.  You are the creator! You are loved!


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