If you face recurrent withdrawal due to your continuous drug abuse, you need to contact SJRP immediately. Signing in our drug rehab in Jacksonville, FL, may be a life-saving decision, thanks to the many benefits related to the rehabilitation treatment. These include:

  • Overcoming the withdrawal easier and with fewer health risks – The withdrawal can come with severe physical and psychiatric manifestations, many of which can jeopardize your health and even life. Our Jacksonville addiction recovery centers provide you personalized detox in a comfortable and secure setting. You will find yourself under permanent supervision, with a team of detox professionals assessing your response to treatment 24/7. This way, they will be ready to intervene and tweak the treatment if necessary.
  • Preventing the relapse – The relapse refers to resuming your drug abusing habits after attempting to recover from addiction. It is a natural process during the rehabilitation experience, especially when you lack proper support along the way. Our luxury rehab centers in Jacksonville, Florida, place you in a controlled environment, safe from any outside triggers or access to any addictive substances. The risk for relapse is pretty much non-existent during the inpatient program.
  • Finding reliable dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis treatment refers to addressing potential co-occurring disorders linked to your substance addiction. Our alcohol treatment centers rely on dual diagnosis assistance to identify and address co-occurring disorders during the rehab process.
  • Ensure reliable follow-up routine and relapse prevention mechanisms – The rehab treatment’s long-lasting success depends on having a reliable long-term sobriety management plan. Our drug addiction rehab in Jacksonville, Florida, teaches patients about the importance of relapse prevention and trains them in extensive sobriety management. This may include teaching lifestyle adjustments (improved eating patterns, working out more, finding healthier hobbies), financial prowess, fixing broken relationships, avoiding social triggers, etc.

These aspects show that our Florida drug treatment center is ideal for helping patients manage their conditions effectively. Rehabilitating in a high-profile facility like ours will prevent your disorder from aggravating and morphing into different conditions along the way.

Is rehab treatment right for me?

Only a rehab professional will be able to answer this question. If you tend to abuse drugs regularly and experience withdrawal whenever attempting to quit your behavior, you might need to consider our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Jacksonville, FL. The expert will look into your condition, assess its specifics and severity, and recommend adequate treatment depending on the findings.

This will ensure the treatment’s quality and reliability, providing you with that necessary peace of mind and comfort going in. We recommend our drug rehab in Jacksonville, FL, to individuals who need immediate assistance with their drug addiction.

If you wish to discuss with a St. John’s Recovery Place expert, call 833-397-3422 and consult with a rehab professional. You can verify your insurance here and discuss the available treatment options to know what you’re getting yourself into. Begin the treatment asap, and you will significantly increase your chances of overcoming drug addiction for good.

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