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De-Cluttering & Video with Lightworkers Gifts

Posted 01/06/12 by Angel Marie

Shine On!

It’s a great time of year to de-clutter!  De-cluttering means to simplify. Identify what it is that you want to simplify, your home, your car or maybe your purse. To create balance is to create an unobstructed environment. It might be obstructive but you still love it or use it, so the energy still flows.

There are many ways to de-clutter. Experiment with a variety of ways to find what works for you. The following are some suggestions.

  • Put on some good music and breath. Know your peak energy times and de-clutter during these periods. Know your limits and avoid overworking. De-cluttering a small area at a time will give you a sense of success and open the energy flow.
  • Take your junk drawer and put the contents in a box. Every time you need something and you take it from this box, put it back in the junk drawer.  After six months you could get rid of this box.
  • Take the time to put loose change in your wallet instead of tossing it in your purse, or get a change purse. Make it a habit to clean out your purse once a week (every Monday).
  • Make a date with yourself and look forward to a change of energy. Once you achieve this you will find you have freed yourself. Motivate yourself with a small reward.
  • Tag Team and make it fun! Get a friend or relative to help you.

De-cluttering your space helps balance the energy flow no matter what space it is you are clearing. It may clear your mind for new opportunities. The opportunities can be a new relationship, a new job, spiritual growth or the sense of inner peace. I choose to create my space and be in the moment and just keep moving from one location to the next.

So, enjoy finding your new found treasures and creating your balance!

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