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Clearing Your Space – What Fun!

Posted 05/16/12 by Angel Marie

I had an interesting experience with a recent house clearing. If you don’t know what a house clearing is, it is a spiritual cleansing of your home or office. Most of the time you would clear your home or office once a month or once a week after you clean. Most people who like to clear their space will follow their instincts and do a clearing when they feel a need for it. Clearing eliminates energies that might be stuck. These can be thoughts, anger energy from a disagreement or even worry energy. Also, the land around the home or office has energy and the people living there before you had their own energy. If you move or open a business it is wise to do a clearing before you move in to your new space. Clearing your space is also a blessing for happiness and joy. I usually get several clearing requests for new businesses to clear old energy and boost the prosperity of the business.

What was interesting about a recent clearing I did was that it involved children. The children were seeing spirits in their bedrooms. When I went into the bedrooms I noticed they had TVs, cell phones and mirrored closet doors. These are all different ways that can disturb or open ways for spirits to travel into your space. It is as though they are invited in. I explained to the children that they have control over the spirits and they can ask who they are and what they want. They can also tell the spirits to leave.

The children reacted very well and even thought it might be fun to talk to the spirits. It also made sense to them that the electronics and mirrors invites unwanted energy into their bedrooms. They felt more confident with one of my tips – to call on Archangel Michael and ask for help with unwanted spirits.

We all have spirits coming and going in our space. We are always in control over our space and who is visiting. Do you see shadows in your home? Do your children see things? Perhaps it is time for a clearing!