Reiki Certification

Reiki Certification

For those who wish to connect to Reiki as a practitioner, Reiki Certification is designed to guide you to the Master Level.

Angel Marie will be available to you at all times to guide you through this incredible transformation.  Additional benefits include discounts for classes, sessions and Readings as well as Reiki Shares offered twice a month.

You will be welcomed into a special network of healers who are there to support you along your journey.  Upon completion of each Reiki Level, you will receive a manual and certificate.

The journey to Reiki Master Level involves a series of three classes:

Reiki Level I

As a Reiki Level I student, you will be 20% attuned to the Universal Life Force Energy, which will promote physical healing.  Level I is all about you and your self healing.  Is it time for you to heal and really start living with joy and love?  Do you want to feel better?

This session is 4-5 hours, one on one class in my home and lunch is provided.

  • Explore the History of Reiki and the Healing Principles
  • Discover how The Shining Wheel™ interconnects with Reiki
  • Receive attunements in The Shining Wheel™
  • Acquire knowledge about Protection and Shielding, Grounding and Clearing
  • Learn the techniques to perform a Reiki Healing Treatment on yourself

Reiki Level II

As a Reiki Level II student, you will be 80% attuned to the Universal Life Force Energy, which promotes physical and emotional healing.  This session is 3-4 hours. You will gain comprehensive knowledge about:

  • Learn how to draw Reiki Symbols
  • Learn how to send Distant Reiki Healing
  • Review Protection and Shielding, Grounding and Clearing

Reiki Master Level

As a Reiki Master you will be 100% attuned to the Universal Life Force Energy which promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.  This level includes two sessions.

During the first session, you will:

  • Review Reiki Levels I and II
  • Revisit the principles of The Shining Wheel™
  • Receive Master Attunements

In the second session, you will learn and receive:

  • Notes, outlines and manuals on how to teach Reiki
  • Techniques to attune others

If you’re ready to make the change, Right here, right now, click here and schedule your 15-minute chat with Angel Marie, and together we’ll explore EXACTLY what your next step is.  Some notable classes will teach you about Reiki, Chakra, and Tai Chi.