Meditation Techniques Class

What can Meditation and Mindfulness do for me?

Would you like to have more peace and clarity in your life?  Would you like to reduce your overwhelm, stress and anxiety?  Meditation will help you start using the difficulties you face in life as a means to befriend yourself, accept the past, and widen your compassion to awaken your heart.  You will learn different breathing techniques to help you focus, relieve stress and take action to achieve your dreams.
Perfect for beginners starting their journey of self-awareness and self-care.

  • Benefits of meditation
  • Develop a foundation with mindfulness
  • Learn how to reduce brain chatter
  • Expand your compassion for self acceptance
  • Learn how to maintain a daily practice

Are you a Lightworker?  I believe that you are. I believe we ALL are and maybe haven’t discovered your healing gifts and how to radiate with joy and light with every beat of your heart.