Introductory Crystal Class

What can Crystal Class do for me?

Would you like to learn how to feel crystal energy, how to use them and how to clear them?  Would you like to learn how each crystal has a unique healing property?  All crystals emit tiny electrical impulses which activate the human body’s neurological system in a subtle manner. 
Understand how to free yourself from everyday pressures, and soothe emotional tension by learning about crystals.  As a gift, you will receive a crystal of your choice.

  • Learn Crystal Geology and physical characteristics
  • Understand how to care for, program, clean and boost crystals
  • Discover how crystals are used for meditation and intuitive sensing
  • Relate crystals to your Chakra centers and spiritual well-being
  • Create a Crystal Energy Grid

If you are one of the millions of people who are struggling to put yourself first, then you’ve come to the right place to discover your true self-worth, get motivated, meet like-minded friends, and radiate light with every beat of your heart.