Chakra Class

Chakras: Colors, Clearing & Balancing Class

Are you feeling Stuck or Blocked in a particular area?  Would you like to know how to feel your chakras and how to balance them?  Chakras are the concentrated energy centers of the body.  When cleansed and cleared healing is from the inside out and brings stability and clarity into your life.

This class is experiential and you will use the proven techniques on a daily basis and adopt a routine that will help you achieve your ultimate purpose and dreams in your life.

  • Know when to open and close your Chakras
  • Understand how to cleanse and balance your Chakras
  • Learn the characteristics & tones of each Chakra
  • Meditation to guide you to feel your Chakras
  • Use crystals and oils to enhance your Chakra Energy

Set yourself free from everyday stress and self-made blocks! Gain valuable key points that can help you create self-esteem, self-motivation and feel reconnected to true happiness! Coaching brings back joy and laughter into your life.