Choosing Joy Energy | 3 Secrets & Insightful Video

I felt so much joy being able to share Mother’s Day and the joy energy with my mom. Watching her receive flowers and putting that smile on her face that helped her to know that I value and appreciate her brought joy to my life. I hope that you have someone that has done that for you or you have had the opportunity to do that for someone else to feel the joy. 

One of my best friends had a birthday and I asked her if I could take her out to lunch, she said yes and we went. I was so excited because it was a beautiful day in Phoenix and  she wanted to go to the same place we went a year ago, Oregano’s.  The conversation and energy was so upbeat and fun. We laughed and voiced our joy for life. At one point I shared some inner truths and was able to be vulnerable with her. Who’s your sister friend or brother friend that you can be totally yourself with? I hope you have someone in your life that you can seek out to really chat with and then also connect to the joy that you both have for each other. Feeling gratitude for the people in your life and letting joy ENERGY will fill you up!!  And oh yes the chicken wings, sweet potato fries and salad was yummy joyous too! Food can be joyous and create a smile not only on your face yet also in your yummy tummy. Hehehe

Remember energy is energy and just like that with joy it’s a practice and you can instantly create it within yourself just by being present in the now. 

Joy is the ultimate feel good emotion and studies have proven that joy vibration helps heal the body on all levels! It’s a delightful state of happiness that bubbles up within you. An amazing feeling of glee connects you with your awesome, Shining selves. You can experience joy anywhere, anytime because it’s an inner feeling! It’s a Choice! 

Don’t you agree that the practice of joy makes everything easier and more fun? When you give yourself permission to be happy with who you are and all you do it’s a beautiful energy to be in. Joy is a muscle that can be flexed. It’s a conscious practice and I know you want to have more joy so here are some ways to achieve more joy in your life.  

Secret #1: Remember Joy

On social media, at events, and in videos, I am always upbeat. Before going to a party, or even the grocery store, I take a few seconds to smile, breathe, and laugh! One of my fondest childhood memories is waiting for my dad to play basketball in our driveway. I looked forward to these moments with enthusiasm. It was a special time between my dad and I. I connect to these joyful experiences from my youth even today. 

Secret #2: Connect to Joy

When you work in a career for an extended period of time, you can miss the joyful feeling you used to get. When finishing a project or going to an event for work or school begins to feel more like a burden than a joy, it can be time to reassess. When you take this time you realize if you relax and enjoy the moment, you can find happiness in any situation. 

Secret #3: Take Time for Joy

I share many simple tips you can use, like taking time to breathe and smile before going out. Do this simple action step; at every red light, laugh out loud at least three times. Your ultimate joy is in connecting to your Shine joy energy.

When my dog, Shine is in joy while playing ball or swimming it brings joy to me and everyone around her as well. Dogs feel the most joy when their companions come home. When Shine is excited to see me, her tail wags so fast she falls over and howls with joy. When do you howl with joy? What do those moments feel like? Please share your comments.


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