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Substance abuse requires a considerable level of a premier and qualified services to be handled. Dana Point Rehab has not just realized this but has put it into reality, providing unsurpassed substance abuse treatment in California. Also, we've placed ourselves as one of the top California rehabs with a top-of-the-line facility, qualified and unbeaten medical professionals, and top-notch and ideal amenities needed to achieve all that the California substance abuse treatment facility was set up to achieve. We've tailored our treatment programs to fit every individual and their unique experiences.

We are deeply committed to ensuring that we give the ideal treatment and care needed by each individual, and we do this with the ultimate qualified team and conducive facility. We top the list of California alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers due to not just our team of the finest professionals in California, but because of our outstanding and second to none service delivery and customer care. 

Our Services

Some of our services at Dana Point Rehab related to alcohol treatment and drug addiction are Residential inpatient, rational emotive behavioral therapy, family support, evidence-based treatments, detox programs, and holistic treatments. Further, for our full detox and Residential Treatment Center Program, the length of stay is usually bout 30-60 days. Complete treatment and healing can be achieved with time and a genuine commitment. 

Our services are excellent. At our campus, we use various evidence-based tools and techniques for addiction treatment with patients having co-occurring mental health issues like anxiety disorders, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, suicidal thoughts, and obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviors. Here are some of the treatments we have in place:

  • Assisted treatments for detox to reduce negative withdrawal symptoms
  • Specific opioid addiction programs
  • Psychotherapies, including group and individual sessions
  • Education and learning

We've Got Competent Staffs 

Our staffs are top-of-the-line accredited professionals that work together to make us the leading drug rehab in Orange County. Our staffs are not merely interested in providing medications and clinical services but are sincerely willing to help addicts heal. 

Our Facility is Bliss

Rehabilitation does not have to be lonely and frustrating. This is our belief. More so, we believe that healing is possible, and we work steadily towards making healing experiences the best. 

The environment, of course, plays a big part in the rehabilitation process, and a soothing and blissful environment helps facilitate the healing process. Dana Point Rehab has you all covered with our ocean view resort-style facility with a perfect blend of clinical necessities and state-of-the-art, luxurious and calming looks. We have got you all ready for a smoothly transitioning rehabilitation process with serenity and comfort. Our facility is not just a facility; it's a home! 

Dana Point Rehab treats every patient as an individual deserving of love, warmth, and care, and we tailor virtually all of our services and treatments through that route. It's what we are here for! Contact Dana Point Rehab for the revitalization of mind, body, and soul: 949-239-7557.

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