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Angel Shares “ah-ha” Moments & Video

Posted 12/22/11 by Angel Marie

What “ah-ha” moments have you had this year? In the lull between Christmas and New Years it may be a good time to reflect on the amazing year now coming to a close. You may be amazed by the personal and spiritual accomplishments which took place. I want to share some of my “ah-ha” moments with you to help you get started with your own.

One of the most dramatic times for me was when I completely lost my Chi. It was a time of recognizing how wise it is to take care of myself and to focus on ME. I developed healthier habits and am feeling the best I have in years!

I recently had an experience where someone gave me a compliment about my beauty. I really had to stop, breath and take this in. I am aware I am a beautiful human being. I make this statement with joy and love for my physical self! This lead right into acknowledging I am spiritually full of LOVE and I have VALUE. Sharing my love and value is a special gift I give others.

As you know, practicing Tai Chi is one of my favorite activities. One of the most profound realizations this year has been the importance of focusing on breathing. Through research I found food and water, although necessary to physical health and wellbeing, are considered negative to the body. This is balanced by focusing on breathing. With stress and tension, our bodies react with short, almost gasping breathes. This affects how our body uses other energy resources – like the food and water. At any given moment of the day I can focus on and practice breathing deeply to strengthen my energy.

Looking back at all my relationships I would not be the same person if I missed any of these connections. Whether old acquaintances or new, each individual filled me with joy, love and growth.

So, before you start your New Year’s resolutions, you may want to take time to review this year. You too may discover “ah-ha” moments in experiences which make you the wonderful and amazing person you are!    

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