What is a Lightworker?

Quite frankly, Lightworker is just a made-up word… combining the idea of bringing light to the world with a particular technique.  There seems to be a common understanding that Lightworkers are those who have a passion and mission to make the world a brighter place.

People who have been labeled “Lightworkers” tend to be Empaths, Reiki Healers, Intuitives, Tai Chi instructors, Empowerment Coaches, and so on, those who use a particular modality to share and heal.

The fact is we are all Lightworkers.  If you have compassion and love, you want the world to be a better place, you simply shine your light no matter what you’re doing.

You could be a Walmart Greeter that shares a smile and a kind word.  You could be the person who cheers on their friends, you could be using words (like a writer) to lift others.  No matter HOW you show up in the world, if you’re leading with love and kindness, YOU are a Lightworker.

So here’s the bottom line: YOUR energy is in the collective… and I invite you to be the unique YOU that you are… do it in YOUR own way.  If you WANT to learn the modalities, great, I’d love to teach you.  If you don’t, that’s great too!  Be YOU.  Share YOUR unique light and Shine On!

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What is a Lightworker?

Are you a Lightworker? I believe that you are.  I believe we ALL are and maybe haven’t discovered your healing gifts and how to radiate with joy and light with every beat of your heart. Are you ready to make a change?