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11-11-11 – Positive or Negative? It’s up to YOU!

Posted 11/08/11 by Angel Marie

People around the world are looking at 11-11-11 as a special date in time.  Many suppose and predict that it will be the “end of the world as we know it”…but I choose to see it as a positive thing.  Just all the people coming together to make a change, will create a massive difference in the world.

Because November 11, 2011 is full of elevens it is important to consider what you are thinking.  It is said that manifestations – our thoughts and desires – may take only split seconds to be fulfilled.  It is a wonderful time to meditate and consider what you wish to take place in your life.  Eleven actually represents a refinement of ideals, intuition and revelation, as well as impractical idealism and visionary insight.

Although eleven carries psychic vibrations, it can also have negative effects such as treachery and betrayal of secret enemies.  This is why it is a time to call for meditation and manifestation.  While you are considering your own desires, this may just be the best time to meditate for world peace and commitment to becoming responsible for Mother Earth and her wellness!

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People around the globe will be gathering together, regardless of race, creed, doctrine or philosophies with a similar underlying theme; to awaken humanity and prepare for the next step in conscious illumination. They will unite and align themselves by releasing the old ways that will be replaced with a desire to live in harmony, joy and love.  This will be a time of personal renewal through meditation and manifestation.

Most people will be focused on healing Mother Earth from the suffocating pollutants which we have created over the last decades.  High energy where humanity as a whole will vibrate at a much greater frequency creating a time for those who practice the meditation and manifesting will be determined to see humanity in to an era of rebirth.