About Angel Marie & Lightworkers Gifts

Angel Marie ShinesAngel Marie is a spiritually inspired motivational speaker and self esteem coach. She is a certificated Spiritual Counselor from the Unity of Angels Church.  She prefers to be called a Coach because she uses all of her real practical guidance to help others. Angel is a Energy Healer and Tai Chi instructor.  She specializes in stress reduction, relaxation techniques, whole body healing, and also loves to teach how to bring  joy and peace into life! She teaches other how to have fun and loves to have fun!

Angel founded Lightworkers Gifts to build a community for those seeking spiritual wellness and wanting to create peace, joy and harmony in their life.

Her passion and desire is to provide a wealth of resources through speaking, classes, and energy healing. For years, Angel searched for relief from the pain of past sports injuries, sleepless nights, fibromyalgia, arthritis and lupus. Angel finally found comfort and inspiration in learning about health, Energy and Coaching.

Spiritual fulfillment is a way to bring balance and happiness into your life. My passion flourishes when sharing my knowledge to help others achieve their absolute highest potential.

I provide support, caring and understanding to all that are ready to hear.  With great honor, I offer several methods which create peace, balance and true happiness to each and every one of you.

So, come on and Shine On with Shine and I!
Angel Marie & Shine

Channel 3TV News Interview

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